Munrow, the "Regular Lodger".

The following come from an article from the blog of Semibrevity. Reference is made to DM, et al.

Ref Extract from The forgotten harpsichord teacher of Christopher Hogwood & Colin Tilney
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Radio announcement 1969

J.C. Bach ? Sonata Opus 15 No. 6 for four hands 
(Listen out for the crescendo produced by the use of the Venetian swell.)

When Mary wasn?t teaching, playing or entertaining, she always seemed to be going to concerts with the children?s book writer Lucy_Boston, ?both elegant in scarves and wraps, suitable for the season?. These concerts often featured recently exhumed Baroque masterpieces, freshly edited and performed by current or former students; she must have had dozens of such students, and many of them became professionals.

During my lessons and practice sessions at Mary?s house, there always seemed to be (often unseen) people rehearsing in other rooms of the house. Mary would kindly leave the keys between bricks by the back door, so that students could come in to practise when she wasn?t there.

The traffic at that house in Melbourne Place, a delightful little pedestrian street leading off Parker?s Piece, was much less, I?m told, than when she lived in the much larger house in Bateman Street, where Hogwood lived for 10 years and David Munrow was a regular lodger who would bring the whole Early Music Consort to practise.


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