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Some Basic Background to Michael Morrow and Musica Reservata

The following is about Micheal Morrow, and Musica Reservata which was a great influence on David Munrow.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia/Blogger ref Michael MorrowBorn2 October 1929OriginLondon, EnglandDied20 April 1994
Hampstead, London, EnglandGenresEarly musicOccupation(s)Musician, music directorInstrumentsLute, recorderYears active30LabelsVox, Argo, Delysé, Philips, Decca, Vanguard, Boston SkylineAssociated actsMusica ReservataMichael Morrow (2 October 1929 – 20 April 1994) was an Irish artist, ornithologist, musician and musicologist who, together with John Beckett, founded the British early music group Musica Reservata in London during the late 1950s. He directed the group, which became famous for its ground-breaking and vigorous approach to performing medieval and early Renaissance music, until it was disbanded in the 1980s.
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David Munrow's "Turkish nightclub piece"

Morrow, Munrow and Medieval Music:Understanding their influences and practice

The Margot Leigh Milner Lecture 2010

Edward Breen
‘Do you feel somehow something that you began with Musica Reservata has somehow
been leapt upon by practically everyone else in sight?’ asked Tony Palmer in an interview
for LBC radio in the mid-1970s. ‘Well I suppose one can’t really say things like that,
[pause] but in fact I do!’ replied Michael Morrow.1 Did Tony Palmer or Michael Morrow

have David Munrow in mind during that exchange? If either of them were thinking of
Munrow it should not have come as a surprise because he was, at that time, the other
towering figure on the English Early Music scene. But does this candid exchange
accurately represent the situation between two of the BBC’s most prolific early music
specialists of the early 1970s? A quick glance through the concert programming of the
ensembles directed by these two men certainly suggests that Munrow was influenced by
his work as a performer in Musica Reservata, and this experience was heavily reflected in
his choice of…