The Art of the Recorder

The Art of the Recorder is regarded as something of a classic RS

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The Middle Ages
Anon., 13th C.: English Dance
Anon., 14th C.: Saltarello
The Renaissance
Een Vrolic Vesen
Voyant Souffrir
Troys Jeunes Bourgeoises
Allez Souspirs
Amour Me Voyant
Fantasy: The Leaves Be Green
Five Dances: Sic Semper Soleo - Pavan - Galliard - The Choise - Muylinda
The Early Baroque
Sonata à 7 Flauti
Fantasia: Three Parts Upon A Ground
The Late Baroque
Concerto In A Minor
Concerto In D Major
Acis And Galatea: O Rudier Than The Cherry
Cantata 208: Was Mir Behagt Aria - Schafe Können Sicher Weiden
Cantata 106: Gottes Zeit Ist Die Allerbiste Zeit - Sonatina
Magnificat In E Flat (BWV 243) Esurientes
As You Like It: Under The Greenwood Tree
Muséte de Choisi
Muséte de Taverni
The Present Day
Plöner Musiktag Trio
The White Throated Warbler
Recorder Music


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