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David Munrow The Art of the Netherlands 3LP box cover 1976
The Art of the Netherlands was an influential collection of recordings made by the Early Music Consort of London under the direction of David Munrow and issued in 1976 as a three-disk set.[1]
The recording (SLS 5049) was split into 'Volumes' as follows:
Volume I: Secular Songs - 14 songs/chansons
Volume II: Instrumental Music - 13 pieces & Mass Movements - 5 pieces
Volume III: Motets - 9 pieces
The full track list of this and subsequent reissues can be found here: [1] It has since been reissued twice, with some cuts, on CD. The first Reflexe CD release cut tracks through all 3 LPs. The second Virgin Veritas CD release was more systematic in cutting only the instrumental music from Side A of LP2.

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  1. Jump up ^ High Fidelity -1977 27 7-12 p93 " ..and before that had produced yet another set devoted to Machaut and his contemporaries ("The Art of Courtly Love. ... so many magical performances that his influence will surely be felt in all areas of early music for many years to come. In "The Art of the Netherlands," Munrow, always a fascinating program builder, put together four different vistas of the music that the great Flemish composers ..."


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