The protagonists of the Early Music Revival

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David John Munrow (Aug. 12 1942 - May 15 1976) did more than anyone else in the second half of the last century to popularise early music in Great Britain, despite a career lasting barely ten years. Munrow has even be regarded as the "inventor" of early music as a new movement per se. Of course, there were other musicians ploughing the same field. But it was David Munrow who helped to popularise it like no other in the 20th century.

David Munrow left behind him not only his recordings, but a large collection of musical instruments. Munrow's research into instruments and music of the past led to specially commissioned careful  reconstructions otherwise unobtainable antiquities from such instrumental families as the cornett, rackett, kortholt from makers such as Otto Steinkopf, Christopher Monk and Jonathan Askey.

Munrow and his future wife Gillian Reid began giving workshops and recitals on 'early music' to schools and music societies. In 1967 Munrow became a part-time lecturer at Leicester University in early music history with his wife Gillian Reid. The same year he founded the Early Music Consort of London with Christopher Hogwood and other friends.

In his hands and, largely through the Early Music Consort of London, the cornetto began to regain its former popularity.

William Lyons on David Munrow A BBC programme on his music

David Munrow playing the pipe and tabor.

Image from the following link which has more info on David Munrow. See Cries of London: A David Munrow Retrospective

The following is a youtube site set by David Griffiths who is a keen fan of David Munrow. See the following link for more on Munrow.

David Griffith Youtube Site


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