Inspired by "La Morisque"

Richard Jones noted renaissance viol maker had this to say in an interview.

How did you come upon early music ? Who inspired you ?

In the 1970s I went to Dumfries to see one of Ashley Hutchings' groups ? I think it was the Albion Band ? and there was this wonderful mixture of folk music and rock music. I was listening to Radio 3 one morning and one of the tunes they played I recognised from the Ashley Hutchings concert. The announcer said it was a dance from Susato,'La Morisque', played by The Early Music Consort of London directed by David Munrow. There was this sound of shawms and sackbuts, I thought it was stunning, there was a texture there that was far more exciting, more colourful than any of the smooth classical sound of trombones and oboes. I caught the early music bug and was so lucky. Within weeks of hearing that record I met a man in Edinburgh who was making a set of regals for Christopher Hogwood who played on that record, so very quickly I was drawn into this exciting world which in the 1970s had a vibrancy that has matured now. I wanted to have recorders, crumhorns and shawms, mostly wind instruments.

Ref. VdGS Newsletter.


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