Music in the Round/ A Consort of Crumhorns 1971


The following is from Wikipedia. It is concerned with the ITV series of Music in the Round in which Munrow in April 1971 and his Early Music Consort were televised in a programme entitled A Consort of Crumhorns.

David Coulter a television producer informed me that David Munrow appeared in the Aquarius programme. He described him simply as being "very nice."

 Music In The Round

Between April 1971 and November 1972, London Weekend Television recorded "Music In The Round" at the Cockpit. Presented by Humphrey Burton, the show included performances and interviews with leading musicians across a broad range of genres. Amongst talent showcased in the 22 episodes were The National Youth Jazz Orchestra (having already made the Cockpit their home), who were featured on 7 May 1972 and Marc Bolan on 23 April 1972.

The Cockpit referred to here was in Marylebone Theatre, London.


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