Edgar Hunt and David Munrow

An important figure in the recorder music world was Edgar Hunt. In Musical Times if I recall correctly he apparently lived near to David Munrow who was living in Chesham Bois (pronounced Boys!!!) which like Stoke Poges (where I used to live for many years along Park Road!) is a very posh "upper class" area.

Anyway,Hunt remembered how Munrow dropped by to borrow a book from his home, and how he recalled seeing him on occassion at Amersham station presumably leaving for London.  Munrow with his wife only lived for a short period at Chesham Bois. Before that he lived for several years in middle class suburbia in St Albans.

Here is some more info about Edgar Hunt who died sometime ago.

"....Arnold Dolmetsch had brought the recorder into the light, after more than a century of oblivion in England, Edgar Hunt was the main protagonist of the school recorder movement and it was Hunt, in collaboration with the music retailers, Schott & Co, who made available the first plastic recorders in 1939, thus beginning the process by which the recorder would become one of the world's most widely played instruments. Hunt, therefore, was the key player in changing people's perceptions of the recorder."

In other words, a sort of a DM of the recorder world for those who do not know.

internet source    From art instrument to 'plastic fantastic': the revival of the recorder.
Traffic,  Jan, 2004  by Alexandra Williams

Robert Searle.

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