From A Few Childhood Memories

Rohan Kriwaczek son of the Paul Kriwaczek who produced Ancestral Voices revealed this interesting memory on the internet.

From A Few Childhood Memories

Rohan Rriwaczek-Composer,Writer,Musician.

One of my earliest memories dates back to 1974 (or more accurately 1976...), when I was five. My father, a television director at the time, was making a TV series on ancient music, with David Munrow, and for two weeks the front room of our Golders Green house was filled with copies of ancient instruments, working props for the show. Of course I wasn’t allowed in there, but at weekends, when he was home, he would take me in there and demonstrate the instruments. To me it was like entering a treasure cave, full of fantastical looking objects, of gigantic proportions (to a five year old). I particularly remember the ancient Egyptian harp, modelled on pictures found in tombs. I have spent much of my life trying to recreate this room, and my obsession with ethnic instruments I am sure started there, together with the set of bagpipes my father made from an old car inner tube and some drilled metal piping, an unlikely scenario which I was to unconsciously emulate years later.



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