The Basic Achievements of David Munrow

They are

a)   Probably more than anyone else in the 20th Century David Munrow popularized Early Music to the public with his records, public performances, and ofcourse radio, and tv programmes. This is his most important achievement.

b) He presented Early Music as something which could be taken seriously, and ensured the highest degree of professionalism amongst his players.

c) He helped to inspire other people to become musicians.

d) He was one of the first to be willing with his Early Music Consort of London to use medieval, and renaissance instruments, and their general music style as a means of experimenting with other genres notably Jazz!

e) He was one of the first musicians to try, and make people aware of how similiar early musical instruments were to their folk "counterparts".

f) He was probably the first truly wealthiest performer of Early Music as indicated in a part of his Will which was made public in the Times after his passing.

g) He may have indirectly helped inspire period dance groups. Peggy Dixon of the Nonsuch music company was notably impressed by the Renaissance Bands release, and apparently used it for a number of her shows.

h) With Munrows popularisation of Early Instruments, he helped to inspire a demand for reconstructions of early musical instruments. He also aided the development of the Early Music Shop which was to become a worldwide success.

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