The Art of Genius, Article, July 1981

In 1981, or thereabouts The Art of David Munrow appeared. It was a collection of some of his "best" pieces from his recordings if I recall correctly chosen by Gillian Munrow, and John Wilan (who acted as producer for some of his work)

Here, are some quotes from an article that appeared in connection with the above. It was callled The Art of Genius by Michael Shmith, and was published in the Age which seems to be an Aussie publication.

Schmith remembered DM on the BBC discussing the shawm as if...

"..feeling drawn into sharing his love for the instrument, if only because he sound like an over-eager schoolboy, rushing into the room to show you the latest in his stamp collection."

plus his "...over-exciting voice.." !!!

Smhmith also mentions Pied Piper the radio programme which included subjects such as "Handel symphonies to Indonesian music".

He noted that "I always found that Munrow never talked down to listeners but treated them as intellectual equals, while, at the same time, making even the most complicated of theories seem effortlessly simple to understand. All of this formed part of Munrows great appeal."


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