The BBC Announcement.

For me David Munrow was a childhood "hero".  I never forgot the day he died. I was in my parent's car. I was in the back seat sandwiched in by my grandparents. We were returning from a cream tea at Cliveden House. As usual my father turned on the radio to hear the news. As I saw Windsor Castle coming into view (I lived in Windsor) I heard about the passing of DM who apparently "...died in the early hours of the morning..." at the age of 33...what a sad waste, and yet, he achieved so much with his life.......

The Times on their front page right at the top stated simply Goodbye to Pied Piper. It gave page reference to an article by Bernard Levin on DM.

However, his work as  a popularizer in one sense goes on with the reissues of his recordings. They are still in demand! It is also wonderful to see that his two record set Instruments of the Middle Ages, and Renaissance is on occasion seen at a second hand record/cd/tape shop in Nottinghill Gate. Hopefully, it will continue to inspire people to take up a serious interest in early music....

By Robert Searle, the Blogger.


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