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David Munrow Forum

The material of the following  posts  on this google blogger site comes from the blogger's David Munrow Forum. The posts are produced by Robert Searle, the blogger, who uses the user name piepiper on the above forum site. The Forum is part of the following site

Renbourn Connection

 ‘Sir John Alot of Merrie Englandes Musyk Thynge & Ye Grene  Knyghte’  First full studio album. Engineered by John Wood,  Sound Techniques Chelsea. Studio musicians included David  Munrow and drummer Terry Cox.  Formed a group with Bert Jansh and Jacqui McShee, Terry Cox  and bass player Danny Thompson – named Pentangle as a nod  to Sir Gawain. First album ‘The Pentangle.’ Second (double)  album ‘Sweet Child’ partly recorded at the Festival Hall. Cover  design by Peter Blake.  Family move to Buriton village in Hampshire. ‘Bert and John’ released in America as ‘Stepping Stones’