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  The following is from a website hosted by David Griffith. See link David John Munrow (Aug. 12 1942 – May 15 1976) was born in Birmingham and attended King Edward VI School, Birmingham (amongst his contemporaries was tv ‘birder ‘and comedian Bill Oddie). He played bassoon, recorder and piano with some distinction, and sang as a chorister in Birmingham Cathedral, and in the University Orchestra which rehearsed just across the road from the school – although a musical career was not uppermost in his mind. His father, Albert Munrow, was a Birmingham University lecturer on physical education and there exists a sports centre in his name. Munrow had a strong association with Birmingham and the surrounding area. In August 1960 Munrow went to Lima, Peru, as a student teacher under the British Council’s Voluntary Service Overseas scheme. He helped the pupils at Markham College – a private boys school – prepare for the Common Entrance exam. Whilst there, he a

Instruments of the Middles Ages and Renaissance

Blogger Ref David Munrow only wrote one book, and it was essentially an accompaniment to two records which acted as musical "illustrations" of specific Early Instruments such as the crumhorn, hurdy-gurdy, sackbut, lute, et cetera. He produced something similar  called the Mediaeval Sound (a single record) which involved a vocal introduction on each instrument on side one. Munrow believed that discussing such a subject not only required written material, but also musical examples...otherwise it was all rather pointless. Musica Reservata also did something similar.(see links below)