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A Discography

  Conception & research: Pierre-F. Roberge For comments, additions and corrections ( continuing this discography for PFR ) Last update: 11/30/2012 This is an " under construction " and for now a quite complete discography of David Munrow. BIOGRAPHY (This biography is based closely on an excerpt of James Durant's text appearing on the back cover of the Angel edition of Munrow's Renaissance suite , with corrections from Gillian Munrow, and minor editing.) David Munrow's passion for early music and musical instruments commenced in 1960 when he was 18. Teaching in Peru under the British Council Overseas Voluntary Scheme, he became interested in South American folk music and took back to England with him Bolivian flutes, Peruvian pipes, and dozens of other obscure instruments. The following year he entered Cambridge as an English major. There a crumhorn hanging off a friend's wall aroused his interest and led him to delve deeply in

The Munrow Family

The following comes from a book by Albert Davis ("Dave") Munrow entitled Pure and Applied Gymnastics (1955). The photos from it came via someone calling themselves Sarah. They are believed to be the three members of the Munrow family. At the top ofcourse, the young person on the left is believed to be David Munrow. The following pics of the same woman are probably his mother Hilda who used to teach dance, and at the bottom Albert Davis ("Dave") Munrow who was a well-known, and respected PE instructor. Incidently, one of my contacts claimed that he was always worried whenever his son went rock climbing!!  I may try, or not to get some better reproductions of the images presented.RS