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The Art of the Recorder

The Art of the Recorder is regarded as something of a classic RS Source Ref Tracklist The Middle Ages Anon., 13th C.: English Dance Anon., 14th C.: Saltarello The Renaissance Een Vrolic Vesen Voyant Souffrir Troys Jeunes Bourgeoises Allez Souspirs Amour Me Voyant Fantasy: The Leaves Be Green Five Dances: Sic Semper Soleo - Pavan - Galliard - The Choise - Muylinda The Early Baroque

Radio 3 boss to recreate Pied Piper series

  5 April 2015 From the section Entertainment & Arts Image caption Alan Davey took over as controller of BBC Radio 3 in January The new boss of BBC Radio 3 says he plans to revive the classic 1970s series Pied Piper, which introduced young listeners to the world of music. Presented by David Munrow, the fondly-remembered show covered everything from medieval music to prog rock. Speaking to the Sunday Times , Radio 3 controller Alan Davey said he was keen to commission a modern version. "Young people are ­growing up with an open mind about various kinds of quite ­complex music," he said. "It's not classical music, but it's not pop music, either. The step into classical music would be quite easy for them if they were to encounter it in the right way." Davey took over from Roger Wright in January, and has been listening to archive tapes of Pied Piper, which ran for 655 episodes betwee