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Forty Years Ago........

Blogger Ref Yesterday, marked the passing of David Munrow. A brief programme on him, and most notably some of his music was heard on BBC Radio Three. It can be found at the end of a programme on Young Musicians PS Just by chance I heard the it is not billed as a "separate" entry on the BBC Radio website.

Guy Woolfenden

Blogger Ref     The Composer Who's Written Music for Every Shakespeare Play John Robert Brown/University of Birmingham (David Munrow worked for a time for GuyWoolfenden, and the latter "appears" in the Memorial programme of the former /RS) Guy Woolfenden Guy Woolfenden (1937-2016) was born in Ipswich in Suffolk. Appropriately, he names Benjamin Britten as his favourite composer. However, when Woolfenden started playing the horn as a fourteen-year-old, he was living in South Croydon. "There was a Croydon Symphony Orchestra," he says, recalling that the Croydon orchestra had two conductors whom he rates as extraordinary. "One was Colin Davis. The other was Norman Del Mar, who was later head of conducting at the Guildhall. He taught using the old, best, way, which is where you have two pianos. You seat four of your conductors, two on each piano. You make them score read, while another of their colleagues co