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In a child’s mind

Blogger Ref   A Treasury of Early Music The following material comes from an excellent blog   on music   see the following See Posted on 19 August 2016 by mj263 Thanks from schoolchildren to David and Gill Munrow after an early music workshop. The BBC over the last few years has tried to get children to become more involved in classical music. November 2014 saw the introduction of Ten Pieces, an initiative aimed initially at children of primary school age . There was a “Ten Pieces” prom in August 2015. With the success of the primary school programme the initiative was expanded in 2015 to include children of secondary school age ; and culminated in another Prom (Ten Pieces II) in July 2016 . Among the more unexpected items that we have in the Music Department of the University Library are children’s responses to classical music. Specifically their respons