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Some Basic Background to Michael Morrow and Musica Reservata

The following is about Micheal Morrow, and Musica Reservata which was a great influence on David Munrow. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia/Blogger ref   Michael Morrow Born 2 October 1929 Origin London, England Died 20 April 1994 Hampstead , London, England Genres Early music Occupation(s) Musician, music director Instruments Lute , recorder Years active 30 Labels Vox, Argo, Delysé, Philips, Decca, Vanguard, Boston Skyline Associated acts Musica Reservata Michael Morrow (2 October 1929 – 20 April 1994) was an Irish artist, ornithologist, musician and musicologist who, together with John Beckett , founded the British early music group Musica Reservata in London during the late 1950s. He directed the group, which became famous for its ground-breaking and vigorous approach to performing medieval and early Renaissance music, until it was disbanded in the 1980s. Contents 1 Beginnings 2 Move to London 3 Musica Res