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A Memory of David Munrow

The following is an intro to a biographical tribute on David Munrow................ David Munrow did not just emerge into the field of medieval and Renaissance music - he exploded into it .. He established a standard that can now never be ignored, and the stimulating shock-waves from his explosion will carry far into the future.' (SIR ANTHONY LEWIS ) When he died on 15 May last year David Munrow was only 33 years old, yet within the span of a decade he had widened the musical horizons of millions by his concerts, records, writings and broadcasts. Whether directing the EARLY MUSIC CONSORT OF LONDON or introducing Radio 3's Pied Piper, he radiated an intense enthusiasm which could leave his colleagues just as often exhausted as exhilarated. Michael Oliver presents a biographical portrait of this dynamic and sometimes controversial personality, with impressions and assessments from PROFESSOR WILLIS GRANT BILL ODDIE A. G. ELLIOT-SMITH (former Principal of Markham Col

The BBC Genome Projectand search for "david munrow pied piper"

The following is just one of a number of other pages from the BBC Genome Project with the new search words of david munrow pied piper. I did once consider the idea of collecting such data on the Pied Piper series from the microfiche collections of The Times in  Slough Library. It is clear that I do  not need to now.....!! LOL! RS/Blog The following is copy of the first page of                21 March 1972 16.20 Pied Piper with David Munrow Pied Piper Poster You can design a poster to advertise David Mun row's programme. The competition is open to all children of 12 and under. Entries, which must include the words ' Pied Piper ,' should be in colour and approximately one foot by one foot six inches. Prizes of record and book tokens for £10, £5 and £3. Entries by 7 April to Pied Piper Poster Competition, BBC, Broadcasting House, London W1A 1AA. Don'forget to include your name,

The BBC Genome Project, and references to David Munrow

The following is from David Griffith of the Munrow Forum. The BBC Genome Project has digitised the listings information from their weekly tv and radio guide, Radio Times from 1923-2009 A search on David Munrow reveals a rich variety of programmes featuring Munrow, and helps to pinpoint his popularity and influence amongst the wider public, and not just the samll world of early music. 7 June 1981 8.05 David Munrow The sixth of ten programmes Holborne Five Dances DAVID MUNROW RECORDER CONSORT Machaut Lasse! comment oublieray; Qui es promesses; Hoquetus David ; Christe, qui lux es et dies MEMBERS OF THE EARLY MUSIC CONSORT OF LONDON directed by DAVID MUNROW Purcell Ode for Queen Mary's Birthday, 1694: Come ye sons of art away NORMA BURROWES (soprano) JAMES BOWMAN and CHARLES BRETT (counter-tenors) ROBERT LLOYD (bas