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Ritchie Blackmore, and the Munrow Connection

(Wikipedia) Legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore co-founded hard rock bands Deep Purple and Rainbow before making a dramatic switch in 1997 with the creation of Blackmore?s Night. Formed with his wife Candice Night, Blackmore?s Night is a Renaissance-influenced pop rock band. Fender News recently caught up with the esteemed guitarist ? Rolling Stone lists him as one of its ?100 greatest guitarists of all time? ? for the following Q&A? FN: As a founding member of Deep Purple and Rainbow, it?s very interesting that you have also become so successful in a totally different genre. When did you first feel an inclination towards Renaissance-inspired music? RB: I felt an inclination towards Renaissance inspired music ever since I heard the song ?Greensleeves? when I was 11 years old. And then again in 1972 when I heard David Munrow and the Early Music Consort of London. I would always listen to this music at home or in the hotels on the road. I was fascinated by the sound of w

The UMS Concert Program 1974

UMS Concert Program, April 13, 1974: The Early Music Consort Of London -- David Munrow Published In: UMS Concert Programs, Season XCV (1973-1974) Original Images: Date: April 13, 1974 Get PDF: ums/programs_19740413e.pdf

The Young Tradition

Image Unavailable Image not available for Colour:                                               Image Ref Amazon The Young Tradition were a British folk group of the 1960s, formed by Peter Bellamy , Royston Wood and Heather Wood . They recorded three albums of mainly traditional British folk music , sung in arrangements for their three unaccompanied voices. Contents  [ hide ]  1 Biography 2 Discography 3 References 4 External links Biography [ edit ] The Young Tradition was formed on 18 April 1965 by Peter Bellamy (8 September 1944 – 19 September 1991), Royston Wood (born 1935 died 8 April 1990) and Heather Wood (born Arielle Heather Wood, 31 March 1945, Attercliffe , Sheffield , Yorkshire ) (who was unrelated to Royston Wood). Most of their repertoire was traditional British folk music

The Genesis of the Early Music Shop

The Early Music Shop was run by Richard Wood, and the term "Early Music" in the title was originally suggested by David Munrow. It has played a vital, and pioneering role in the development of Early Music. Munrow himself was closely connected with it, especially in the recreation of "new" arcane instruments for his work. The Old H istory and the Legacy       Joe Wood   Joe Wood, organist and choirmaster of St. Paul's in Huddersfield, started his business in 1850 with the name of 'J Wood Music' selling pianos, and later sheet music.  By 1861 he was manufacturing pianos and his business was later named ‘J Wood’s Pianoforte & Harmonium Depot’. Around 1874, Joe took on his apprentice, and brother-in-law, Joshua Marshall as his partner and the shops were re-named ‘Wood & Marshall’. I n 1877 Wood extended his empire to Bradford, sending his son William to take over a music business already established there (d'Este's).

Multiple Munrows play the Double Pipes.....

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The Pentangle Connection

David Munrow, and his consort would appear to have done some work for the Pentangle group PS. Internet reference to the following which needs to be explored further if I have the time, and energy. Pentangle, The David Munrow Ensemble - Wondrous Love (LWT - Journey into Love 1971)

Gryphon: Blowing through the Ages

  ACKET... Rauschfeiffex... Shawn... Cornemuse . . . Hocket Hocket . . Crumhorn - what the hell are they? Some new kind of ice cream confection, or perhaps names or the conspirators against Hitler in the bomb plot?         No, they are all early music wind instruments.         Thanks to a number of musicians who have made them more and more popular in recent years, notably David Munrow and the medieval-style rock band, Gryphon, they have all been added to the repertoire of available sounds in pop in the past year or so.         It was hearing early music played by John Renbourn on his "Sir Johnalotof" album, and two recorded broadcasts by David Munrow, that turned Gryphon multi-instrumentalist Richard Harvey back on to his first instrument the recorder, and then on to all the rest of them.         "To get started on the recorder, you can use a tutor until you get the stage where you can think of a simple tune end then play it That's a sign that you need a really good

A Gig of a Liftetime

         David Munrow drew much of his inspiration from Michael Morrows Musica Reservata (for whom he worked for a time), and ofcourse Noah Greenberg. The following is a brief "review" note on the former.... Gig of a lifetime: Michael Nyman Laura Barnett Composer Michael Nyman on Musica Reservata, Festival Hall, early 1970s I was besotted with this group, and went to review them for The Spectator. They were performing motets by the early 17th century German composer Michael Praetorius, who is usually known for a bunch of poppy dance arrangements called Terpsichore. These, by contrast, were massive choral, orchestral works.. just thrilling. Musica Reservata were so different from other early musicians at the time. They were conducted by John Beckett, Samuel Beckett's cousin and run by a brilliant Irish self-trained musician called Michael Morrow. He was a rough bear of a man with a huge walrus moustache far from most clean-cut, Oxbridge, polite

The Question Why?

On other discussion sites dealing with music in general, or specialising in early music itself when the subject turns to Munrow people ask why he so tragically ended his life..This is understandable, and arguably we have the right to least the official story. Admitedly, what follows is from memory, but originates from a long article in a local High Wycombe (Bucks) newspaper. In it Mrs. Gillian Munrow at the Coroners Court claimed amongst other things that her husband did not have any financial, or health problems. The cause of his demise was arguably the death of his father (from cancer), and his father-in-law (a road accident). This had a "devastating effect" on him as she put it. I cannot recall whether Jasper Parrott. DMs agent was present, or not at the above coroners hearing. A statement was possibly read out. However, many people have wondered if there was more to it. Evidence seems to suggest so...There is one specific reason(s) why he may have done what