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Remembering David Munrow (1942-76)

  Guest Blogger: Peter Dickinson   is a composer, writer and pianist and an Emeritus Professor of two universities – Keele and London. See   here   for more details. ‘My wife and I first met David and Gill Munrow in Cambridge in about 1965. It was summer and we were all in the garden at 54 Bateman Street, the home of Mary Potts, whose late husband was L. J. Potts, the literary critic and English don at Queens’ College. Mary Potts had a very special role in the early music revival which has not been acknowledged [other than in this  Semibrevity blog post ]. A mere mention of her more distinguished pupils, who included  Christopher Hogwood , Colin Tilney and Peter Williams, is enough to indicate that she ought to be better known now. She knew harpsichordists of international reputation such as Gustav Leonhardt, Raphael Puyana and Kenneth Gilbert. Her own performances were on a more modest scale but she played in and around Cambridge for over fifty years. At May Week concerts she was espe