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Ancestral Voices

Wednesday, 11 February 2015 Genre:  Education / Music/Source Curious British Telly Channel:  BBC2 Transmission:  17/05/1976 - 14/06/1976 Believe it or not, but there was actually a time when Curious British Telly's life  wasn't  consumed entirely by archive television. It was merely a passion which would briefly manifest itself when we watched old episodes of  Dr Who  and tried to remember that children's tv show about the artistic dog. You see, our obsession before this glorious folly was... MUSIC! We'd attend gigs regularly, bought NME every single week for 9 years and even started a few fan sites on Geocities. The passion for us, fuelled by our teenage desire to be hip and cool, gradually faded, but for the people involved in  Ancestral Voices  music was a way of life. Melodies from the Past With an amazing title that sounds like the greatest Led Zeppelin album never recorded,  Ancestral Voices  was the BBC's attempt to educate the masses about the