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Victoria & Albert

Image The following may of interest!     One of a series of seven letters, handwritten by David Munrow to his beloved teddy bears and toys while he was on holiday in Cornwall as a young boy in the 1950s. In these affectionate and newsy letters to bears ‘Humph, Ginge and Eddy,’ David paints an exciting picture of his holiday activities for the soft toys left behind in his Birmingham bedroom: ‘We have caught eight fish…we eat them for breakfast’; ‘I really ought to have written before but we have been so busy painting the boat’; ‘The other day I tried to reach a stick in the water and Plosh! In I went with all my clothes on’; ‘I hope you arn’t [sic] too lonely at home but we've only got another week down here’. David Munrow’s intelligence, imagination and wit shine through. He adds a post script to many of the letters from a toy named ‘Poo’, which he writes in a different hand and with d

The Papers of Albert Davis Munrow

The following is a link to the papers of Munrow's father who was a PE teacher who wanted to spread the word of the need for physical, and  mental health via exercise. Also, one of the things that his son David loved doing was rock climbing! However, as a father he naturally feared for his safety but his offspring was absolutely fearless...! ........The Old Gym is interesting not just for its architecture. Its construction in 1939-41 followed the Physical Training Act of 1937, promoted by the prime minister Neville Chamberlain as part of a drive to improve public health by integrating physical education into daily life. It was built under the supervision of Albert Davis Munrow, who was appointed Director of Physical Education by the university in 1939 and remained in post until he retired in 1970. This full time position was established to make physical education and instruction an