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This blog is a close look at the life and work of one of Britain's greatest musicians and broadcasters. The blogger Robert Searle introduces the subject.

.......As a child  in the 1970s I lived at 74 King's Road Windsor and I recall my pater would call out my name when I was upstairs to say that Pied Piper a  BBC radio programme was on. It was concerned with music in general and was originally intended for children but soon had a wide adult audience.  It was presented by David Munrow and I would dash down the stairs to my paters  work room and we would listen to the programme.

Anyway,  Munrow himself was probably the greatest populariser of early music (ie. recreations   of Medieval, and  Renaissance music). Apart from many radio broadcasts and a few tv programmes he gave many live talks, and many public performances and was noted for his enthusiasm and his ability to communicate clearly to all and sundry. For a long time in shops his records, tapes, and then CDs dominated this "niche" market. However, it must be remembered that there were a few other music groups doing the same thing,  but it was Munrow who really put early music on the map making it more popular and  more musically acceptable to the mainstream and to the public in general.

For those who know little or nothing about him the link here may be of value 2022 Wikipedia 

Also, another "bio" is from an article by Arthur Johnson... See link

                                  Click on the following for  a lively musical intro  

A number of rare images used in the above link were collected from the internet by myself and help to give an interesting visual record of Munrow...and company (ie. the Early Music Consort of London, the name of his group) RS

                 A collection of tv clips from Early Musical Instruments and Ancestral Voices Click  Ref 

(  PS Julia Munrow like her above esteemed relative is in the arts world too.  See )


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